What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

This movie deserves a long, thoughtful, elegantly composed review. Oh well. What I can deliver is a brief cheer: “Watch this movie!”

What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire is not Just Another Eco-tastrophe Movie. It’s a personal, poetic, and challenging cultural analysis of the mess Western and rich capitalist societies are in. The imagery and soundtrack deliberately seeks to move the viewer at the level of emotions, while at the same time the intellectual content encourages reflexivity and questions. Go with it, it’s a trip. It offers the challenge of unresolved questions and personal responsibility, rather than easy answers. There’s no ‘happy chapter’ at the end, but it offers hope, of a mythic, initiatory kind, for those willing to journey into the unknown.

The movie’s subsection headings (for the curious):

  1. The Basics of Peak Oil
  2. The Basics of Climate Change
  3. Impact on Living Things
  4. Abrupt Climate Change
  5. Positive Feedback Loops
  6. Tipping Points
  7. Overwhelm
  8. The Basics of Mass Extinction
  9. Vacuuming the Oceans
  10. Draining the Water
  11. The Basics of Population Growth
  12. Population Dynamics
  13. The Growth Economy
  14. Exponential Growth
  15. Expansion and Colonisation
  16. Wealth and Inequality
  17. Poisoning the Planet
  18. Economic Collapse
  19. Totalitarian and Catastrophic Agriculture
  20. Resource Wars
  21. Catastrophe or Conscious Intention
  22. Inevitability
  23. Choice
  24. How Did We Get Here?
  25. What Keeps Us Trapped Here?
  26. Ancient Origins
  27. The Rise of Empire
  28. Science and Technology
  29. The Myth of Technofix
  30. The Fantasy of “No Limits”
  31. Power and Control
  32. Cultural Binders
  33. Systems and Structures
  34. The Mainstream Media
  35. The Government
  36. The Educational System
  37. Abuse and Addiction
  38. Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  39. Denial
  40. Helplessness and Resignation
  41. Padding Our Cells
  42. Walkabout

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