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Accelerating over the edge of the cliff

Climate & Capitalism have posted a  Sunday Herald story on a report due out tomorrow. The report is by the environmental advisors to the U.K governments and appears to pull no punches – a taste:

The economic system is broken, and attempts by governments to fix it by kick-starting growth and consumerism are “delusional” and “pathological”

UPDATE: The full report, a summary, and background papers are available here. The full report is quite sizeable, so you might want to start with the summary – it is good stuff. A few  quotes as a summary of  the summary follow:

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Which ‘Green New Deal’ is the Real Deal?

It seems that every politician and commentator, every international NGO and every global institution left of GW Bush is trying to sell us a Green New Deal just now. Some of them are merely Grey Old Deals with a quick and fashionable paint job; some of them are Lite Green; but one or two do seem to be the Real Deal.

So – which Green New Deal should we buy into?

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Let’s call the Business Roundtable’s bluff on a carbon tax

The New Zealand Business Roundtable (NZBR) is opposed to a greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme for Aotearoa (as reported here). I agree with them. As I have written on Wellsharp before, the ETS idea is flawed on a number of levels.
In its place, the NZBR proposes a carbon tax. However, while idea of a carbon tax has its merits in principle, the NZBR’s framing of it has several very dubious implications.

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Help us fight draconian ‘Guilt by association’ internet law

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help us

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Where there is no vision … Climate change and energy policy in New Zealand

It is not possible to have vision when your head is in the sand. Exhibit 1: climate change negotiations minister Tim Groser, speaking about this year’s climate change conference in Copenhagen

“The idea that Copenhagen could, in the language used at the [2008] Poznan conference, result in a ‘full and certifiable international agreement …’ is Noddyland stuff.”

One can almost hear the heavy sigh before he speaks. And in his words (reported here) we hear the voice of the veteran trade negotiator, the foreign affairs insider, the former WTO ambassador thoroughly versed in the realpolitik of international conferences. We hear the tired and cynical voice of global diplomacy.

Yet, behind Groser’s evident desire to minimise our expectations lies something far more pernicious: a massive failure of vision and of leadership on climate change. Indeed, I sympathise with Groser for having to be so frankly disappointing. The fact is that the failures he speaks of are failures of vision and of leadership on a global scale.

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