Authors: David Parker and Barry Larsen.

The blog name refers, of course, to the Bob Marley song ‘Small Axe’.

Our interests are mainly in the areas of ecological politics, green politics, political economy, and social change – so those are the areas we intend to focus on, for the most part.

Academic writing is not always very accessible to the general public. It is published in academic journals that not everyone can get at, and it is written in academic language, for academic audiences. But there is much interesting material hidden away in those tomes! We want to make some of it more accessible by providing, in relatively plain-English, notices, summaries, reviews, and commentary.

We also post commentary on news, books and other media.

We don’t intend to activate comments, because we don’t want unmoderated posts and we don’t have time to moderate. But please feel free to email us: contactwellsharp@gmail.com – and we may publish & respond.

We are located in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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    Excellent blog.

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