climate change

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  1. Brief synopsis of post autistic economics review No.44, 9 December 2007
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  3. Climate change – uncertainty abounds, but this is a risk management decision – not a quest for truth
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  9. Meat, biofuels, and world hunger
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  11. When faced with the problem of climate change, what’s a good capitalist to do?
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  13. The Carbon Connection
  14. The unequal cost of climate change inaction
  15. Ripoffs, exploitation, injustice and ecological degradation: The CDM in action
  16. The search for certainty on climate change, and other acts of folly
  17. Markets and states have failed on climate change – now it is the people’s turn to act
  18. Where there is no vision … Climate change and energy policy in New Zealand
  19. Fiddling while the hydrocarbons burn
  20. The social organisation of denial: Understanding why we fail to act on climate change, and what we can do about that
  21. The Green Party must support climate justice not emissions trading schemes
  22. To deal with climate change we need social change
  23. What is the true meaning of climate change?
  24. Beyond the silver bullet: the case for diversity in responding to climate change
  25. Getting climate policy back on course with the Kaya Identity
  26. Investors – it’s time to put your mouth where your money is
  27. Copenhagen and the politics of unsustainability