critique of growth and capitalism

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  1. Lessons from the failure of Third World development
  2. Economic security: A green alternative to the growth obsession
  3. What’s wrong with Growth?
  4. UN Secretary-General serves up a great big green herring
  5. Beyond “the holy grail” – a quick look at the (New Zealand) Economic Development Indicators 2007 report
  6. The reality of eco-capitalism: taking conservation to market
  7. The Ethical Promise of Historical Failure
  8. Monbiot’s Manifesto for a New World Order
  9. Enough Already! – Part One
  10. The news media and climate change: Casting light on the contradictions of consumer capitalism
  11. Understanding the logic of capitalism: Efficiency, innovation … and inequality
  12. In search of quality of life: progress, virtue and happiness
  13. Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk
  14. A shock to the ecosystem: Neoliberalism and the environment
  15. Demolishing the myths of neoliberalism
  16. Economic policy and the possibility of a green change: Bad Samaritans – Take Two
  17. The New Scientist on “Why our economy is killing the planet”
  18. The economy as an environmentally and socially destructive treadmill
  19. No wonder we are in trouble, or “What is Wealth?”
  20. Accelerating over the edge of the cliff
  21. Escaping the growth imperative
  22. Getting a handle on the relationship between capitalism and ecological degradation
  23. News media and the logic of commerce: The rising tide of “churnalism”