green (and Green) political and economic strategy – general

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  1. Economic security: A green alternative to the growth obsession
  2. What’s wrong with Growth?
  3. Networks, identity, conflict: the ingredients of environmental movement success
  4. Virtuous green politics and political conflict
  5. Common ground or poles apart? Greens and the state on sustainability
  6. The Ethical Promise of Historical Failure
  7. Monbiot’s Manifesto for a New World Order
  8. The sense of place in environmental protest: Insights from County Mayo, Ireland
  9. Passion, compassion, and irony: finding solid ground for activism in a world of unsustainability, injustice, complicity, and paradox
  10. Economic Vitality in a Transition to Sustainability
  11. 25 lessons from the history of nonviolence
  12. Stark choices and positive futures: what climate change means for rich-nations’ way of life
  13. An alarming development: the dominance of the sustainability discourse in the green movement
  14. Social Credit is not the answer
  15. Is Inequality Bad for the Environment?
  16. Trust is the key to engaging communities in green politics
  17. This unconquerable world – power, nonviolence, and hope
  18. Emancipation vs neo-colonialism in the environmental movement
  19. Still looking for the light switch: The mathematics of climate change and what it means for climate change politics
  20. On the origin of specious(ness)
  21. Shock absorbers: protecting our movements and communities in times of turmoil and crisis
  22. Green unionists: for jobs and the environment
  23. The global credit crisis: An opportunity, not a tsunami
  24. Environmentalists and windfarms: Beware the loss of vision
  25. Detecting Political Deception
  26. Ineffectual reformism or pointless irrelevance: The only options for the greens?
  27. Capitalism vs environment: Time to take sides
  28. Plan B 3.0
  29. Accelerating over the edge of the cliff
  30. “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad” – intrinsic values as drivers for social change and tools to escape consumerism
  31. Images of nature and the green voter
  32. Environmental issues and the limits of democratic governance
  33. Green politics in the era of the post-ecologist paradox
  34. Degrowth: Putting the economy back in its place
  35. The social organisation of denial: Understanding why we fail to act on climate change, and what we can do about that
  36. Walking the walk (?) and shaping our future
  37. Eco-localist dreams and realities
  38. Human identity and environmental challenges
  39. The limits of individualism: Why stakeholder citizenship cannot deliver solutions to ecological problems
  40. Ecological citizenship: the basis of a sustainable society
  41. Ecological citizens: do they exist?
  42. To deal with climate change we need social change
  43. Evidence based politics (The Spirit Level)
  44. Copenhagen and the politics of unsustainability