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Polling, voting, and Green Party strategy

One reaction I’ve been hearing from Greens in post-election analysis is: “I’d hoped we would have done better – some of the polls had us higher than that”

There are a number of explanations for the (apparent) discrepancy between the polls and the final result, and it is worth looking at them more closely, because they have different implications for Green Party tactics and strategy in future elections.

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Be careful what you wish for

Unless there is a huge political earthquake in New Zealand, the coming General Election is going to give us a government led by Labour or by National. Both parties have promised tax cuts. In deciding who to support, voters need to be aware of the consequences of those tax cuts, and to consider the likely response of the next government (depending on its make up) to those consequences.

People are certainly feeling the pinch from higher fuel and food prices, and from higher interest rates – the hope of some kind of relief must be appealing. But tax cuts won’t offer much relief, even in the short-term, and the likely longer-term consequences may give many pause to think (if they pause to think).

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