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Which ‘Green New Deal’ is the Real Deal?

It seems that every politician and commentator, every international NGO and every global institution left of GW Bush is trying to sell us a Green New Deal just now. Some of them are merely Grey Old Deals with a quick and fashionable paint job; some of them are Lite Green; but one or two do seem to be the Real Deal.

So – which Green New Deal should we buy into?

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UN Secretary-General serves up a great big green herring

What appears to be a revolutionary call for a global economic transformation has been published by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. In the Washington Post he urges world leaders meeting in Bali for the Climate Change Conference “to open the door to the age of green economics and green development.”

He also writes: “First came the Industrial Revolution, then the technology revolution, then our modern era of globalization. We stand at the threshold of another great change: the age of green economics.”

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