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Demolishing the myths of neoliberalism

How did the great economic powers reach their positions of huge wealth, enormous annual economic output, and high levels of consumption? Of course, as everyone knows, it was by embracing free trade, opening up to foreign direct investment, and minimising government intervention in the economy.

Well, actually, no it wasn’t. This ‘official history of globalisation’ is fiction, a myth far removed from the facts of economic history.

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post autistic economics review No.44, 9 December 2007

Issue No.44 of the post autistic economics review (available free at http://www.paecon.net) has a lot to offer. With six interesting articles, plus opinion pieces, I’m tempted to call it a ‘Bumper Christmas Edition’ 🙂 Here’s a taste:

In ‘Economics for a warming world’, Frank Ackerman critiques conventional economic theory, and looks at the features of climate change as a public policy problem, in order to argue that ‘new assumptions and analyses are needed in economics in order to comprehend and respond to the problem of climate change’ (Ackerman, p.2). He concludes with recommendations for a revised approach to public policy: Continue reading

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