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Which ‘Green New Deal’ is the Real Deal?

It seems that every politician and commentator, every international NGO and every global institution left of GW Bush is trying to sell us a Green New Deal just now. Some of them are merely Grey Old Deals with a quick and fashionable paint job; some of them are Lite Green; but one or two do seem to be the Real Deal.

So – which Green New Deal should we buy into?

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No wonder we are in trouble, or “What is Wealth?”

When the man in charge of the soundness of our money supply (Governor of the Reserve Bank, Dr Allan Bollard – PhD in Economics no less) goes to the “Jobs Summit” and comes out saying such headline grabbing rubbish (namely that the current global recession is the “biggest destruction of global wealth ever”), it is no wonder we are in trouble. Yes, he may well be correct that the nominal dollar value of the assets “destroyed” is the greatest ever.  It may even be that the nominal dollar value of assets “destroyed” is the greatest ever in relation to the size of global GDP. But really, what does that mean?

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