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A shock to the ecosystem: Neoliberalism and the environment

In the past 25 years, neoliberalism has become economic orthodoxy. In that time, as James McCarthy and Scott Prudham have written, neoliberalism’s “political and ideological projects have successfully masqueraded as a set of objective, natural, and technocratic truisms” (p.276).

Indeed, so pervasively institutionalised have the values of neoliberalism become that it almost seems a throwback to the 1990s even to write about it critically, at least in the New Zealand context that is most familiar to me. Here, as elsewhere, both the dominant political parties – Labour (nominally social democratic) and National (conservative) – support a neoliberal agenda, and all that it entails, in what amounts to a tacit ‘grand coalition’ in a number of policy areas.

In this article I look at the impact of neoliberalism on the environment through both the roll-back of the state and the roll-out of neoliberal policies, taking some examples from recent New Zealand experience.

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Corporate social responsibility as “progressive window dressing”

The business of business is business, or so the old cliché goes. However, the growing popularity of ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) suggests that the hard-nosed approach is slowly being supplanted by a kinder, more caring business model. But just what is CSR and why is there such widespread interest in it? In an article published in 2007, Simon Enoch seeks some answers, and considers whether CSR actually adds up to anything meaningful.

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